Reading: The Talking Manager

20121220_204920I have just finished the reading of The Talking Manager, a book about leadership, subtitled ‘Leading People Through Conversations’. It’s a book to read easily and quickly, not more than 2 hours I spent with it. It’s written by Álvaro González-Alorda, professor of Innovation at ISEM Fashion Business School.

I like a lot all about psicology, leadership, team management trying always to improve my empathetic level with others, not only at work, but also in my personal life.

I have liked so much this book, despite you won’t find a lot of keys to improve as team leader. I’d rate it as 7/10. However, I’d like to highlight some ideas/sentences read in the book. For example:

  • The quality of your leadership depends on the quality of your conversations
  • After a real conversation there is no winner, no loser and no stalemate
  • The tendency to replace conversations with written messages has become an epidemic
  • A difficult conversation is which requires intellectual and emotional efforts; which something important is at stake; and which can go wrong
  • To get people to change, the best way is to inspire them, after having accepted them as they are

The author explains us that two most important things to have effect of conversation are The Argument and Empathy. Empathy is the Emotional Intelligence we are able to develop. We must develop the empathy as key of our conversation to lead people and be able to undestand, to motivate and inspirate them. We must know who is our interlocutor and identify him/her between one of these four personality types: strategic, analytical, creative, conciliatory. Depending of his/her kind of personality we should adjust our gestures, tone, arguments… We’re given some characteristics that a good Manager should have.

In brief, The Talking Manager is a good reading to start having some idesa about how a good leader should speak with others to try to inspire them, and it’s a quick reading that I can recommend.

Start With Why o Cómo lograr un Equipo alineado

20121217_193857 (2) Una de las cosas más importantes emprendiendo o estando al frente de un grupo de trabajo es la capacidad de encontrar un equipo alineado, que entienda tu mensaje y que esté dispuesto a sufrir -casi- tanto como tú por lograr unos objetivos que se antojan comunes. Sin equipo no hay nada, sin alineación no hay equipo.

Uno de los autores que más he ha inspirado en estos últimos años emprendiendo ha sido Simon Sinek. Lo descubrí con este vídeo que coloco aquí mismo, y con el libro que podéis ver en la imagen: Start with Why. Nos explica cómo comunicar tanto para conseguir una alineación excelente con el resto de miembros del equipo, como para conseguir lograr un marketing efectivo, con el que alcanzar y tocar la fibra del usuario / cliente y poder fidelizarlo.

Para mí, un #must. Aquí os dejo el vídeo: How great leaders inspire action: